What to Consider Before Planning an Outdoor Wedding in Colombo


Planning an outdoor wedding for the first time can seem like taking a maiden voyage. And this especially holds true for DYI wedding planners. Indeed, a wedding comes with a lot of intricacies. You need to come up with a suitable theme and then work everything around it; from color schemes to paintings and decorations, dress code and even the food.

However, working on outdoor platforms present even additional challenges. At the very least, you will need a venue that is private with minimal distractions, as well as one that offers shelter in case Mother Nature turns furious, as she sometimes does. So, how do you go about choosing an ideal outdoor wedding venue? Read on to find out.

What to Consider Before Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Ample Shelter – As we have already mentioned, you need a vendor that offers ample shelter from the fury of Mother Nature. For instance, you could go for with strong marque arrangements that effectively block strong winds and direct sunshine. Anything that keeps the ambiance calm and serene will do just fine. But even before you get to this stage, you must have already established how the weather is likely to turn out on the day for the wedding. If things do not look very promising, it is ideal that you look for another venue.

Check Out For Additional Costs – Outdoors is known to come with extra costs, so check these out before settling on the venue. Check if there are any site rental fees, cost of sanitation services, parking fee et cetera. The worst part of additional costs is that you may never know of their existence until when it is too late. Therefore, when renting a venue, do your due diligence to ensure such charges are factored in.

Do You Need Security? – Depending on where you wish for the wedding to take place, you may need ample security. For instance, a wedding ceremony conducted in a venue that is not properly fenced could expose you and your guests to myriads of security concerns. The same applies to a wedding done in the jungle, where wild and dangerous animals are always on the prowl. As a matter of fact, the general consensus is to make arrangements for security even where there seems to not be any security concerns at all.

Accessibility – Another common consideration when planning for an outdoor venue is the accessibility of the place. It goes without saying that the venue should be fairly accessible both on foot and by car. You do not want your guests having to leave their cars miles away, only to subject them to a long and treacherous journey. Even if the venue is tucked away into the countryside, it should still be connected to major roads.

Source of Power – Last but not least, a reliable power source will go a long way in making your outdoor wedding something remarkable. This is especially true where the venue happens to be cut off from the main power grid system. Even if the venue is within access to electricity and other conventional sources of power, be sure you have backup systems such as an emergency generator. You never know when you may experience a blackout and have your wedding plans scuttled.


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