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The Traditional Sri Lankan Restaurant

Walk into Thunapaha on the edge, Colombo’s ultimate Sri Lankan restaurant. Encompassing the true Sri Lankan flavour of ‘Thunapaha’ blended with culinary delights from all parts of the island. Drawing inspiration from age old recipes passed down from generations to classic modern curryful ensembles. Surrounded by scenic waterways on an island of its own, ‘Thunapaha’ promises you a Sri Lankan experiences par excellence!

* Reservations are not guaranteed if made with the next two hours

* All guaranteed reservations will be confirmed by restaurant manager by email or voice call

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Organic ingredients prepared to aromatic curries together with local favorites in a  serene ambiance makes Thuna Paha  a popular destination for Sri Lankan Food fix.

We gladly accept reservations for dining at Thuna Paha via email or through our reservations line.

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