Goodness at Water’s Edge


Enjoy healthy meals delivered to your doorstep, NO grocery shopping, cooking or cleaning!

The Goodness Cafe at Water’s Edge is a healthy meal delivery service that brings deliciously healthy meals crafted under the supervision of qualified
nutritionists and cooked by professional chefs right to your doorstep. It is an initiative taken to make healthy eating convenient for everyone, regardless of their busy schedules. We offer an array of diverse tastes in our dishes to make sure that healthy eating is never boring.  Each dish is made from fresh all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colours or refined sugar. Our meal plans are ideal for those who are on weight loss programs, patients recovering from an illness, surgery or simply for anyone who likes eating healthy and clean.

With us, you have access to delicious and nourishing meals any time of the day, throughout the week.

About goodness at the edge

Goodness at Water’s edge is a healthy meal plan service that provides healthy meals delivered to your doorstep according to meal plans crafted to meet your health requirements.

Introduced according to an idea of Minister of Megapolis and Urban Development Patali in association with the Ministry of Health, Goodness at Water’s Edge encourages healthy living making it
convenient and sustainable for everyone.

Whether you are looking forward to losing a few pounds or you have a loved one who’s recovering from an illness or a surgery we offer fresh, delicious and nutrient-rich meals to help you eat healthy without making you compromise your precious time or taste. We also offer one on one consultations with nutritionists and dietitians to help you design custom meal plans.

Eat healthy with no hassle.

Register for six months and receive a free smart band
the first 50 customers get a discount at the gym and the services of a personal trainer
* conditions apply
personalized records maintained for each customer


How it works

Get in touch with us today to plan your healthy meals with Goodness at Water’s Edge today

Step 01

Call Waters Edge on 076 9958 518 and register with Goodness at Water’s Edge.

Step 02

Select from the range of meal options from our set menus and design your monthly or weekly meal plan (one and up to 3 meals per day) or consult a nutritionist to get a tailored meal plan for your special requirements.

Step 03

Get your meals delivered to your doorstep, pay on delivery and enjoy your meal.