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Poised on the Edge

Poised on the edge of one of the most picturesque views in the city. This restaurant is commended for being a popular favorite. Whether you are out with family, colleagues or friends, boardwalk has something for everyone. True to its rustic nature, Boardwalk offers a casual and cozy atmosphere along with typical outback dishes including tapas, mains, desserts and an extensive selection of beverages.

House speciality

Nasi Goreng

Originating from the far East, this dish is both delicious and presentable.  Perfect to satisfy those heavy hunger pangs.

Our chefs

The team of Gastronomic Excellence

There is so much more to being a Chefs than simply knowing the techniques. Our chefs possess the passion and flair to make ordinary ingredient’s taste extraordinary Many of our chefs excel in their own disciplinaries and have achieved many awards and accolades within the local and international culinary arena.

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* all guranteed reservations will be confirmed by restaurant manager by email or voice call

a Reservation

Rustic wholesome dishes stemming from around the world in a serene ambiance makes Boardwalk a popular destination for delicious cuisine at attractive prices.

We gladly accept reservations for dining at Boardwalk via email or through our reservations line. For more intimate occasions, explore our private dining experiences.

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