Bakery Logo

First Drive–Thru Bakery

Holds its reputation as the first drive – thru bakery in Sri Lanka, inspired by the concept of providing you with access to a healthier and convenient lifestyle. The Bakery promises the freshest goods baked every hour to provide you with only the very best. From a variety of bread, cakes, pastries and thirst quenching beverages to gift items such as flowers and cards available for delivery or customized and made to order, this dough – way to happiness is truly something to rave about.

House speciality

Opera cake

a decadent multi-layered cake with prominent taste of coffee and chocolate. This signature is an absolute fan favourite

Our chefs

The team of Gastronomic Excellence

There is so much more to being a Chefs than simply knowing the techniques. Our chefs possess the passion and flair to make ordinary ingredient’s taste extraordinary Many of our chefs excel in their own disciplinaries and have achieved many awards and accolades within the local and international culinary arena.

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